Wands, amulets, all magic in details and photos!

For now they are just raw, strong and powerful, without any pretty added, pieces – You can do it!
Just stones found on the beach, or in my closet (crystal), driftwood and an island magic! And Bornholm is magical in every piece 🙂 I have decided to make wands so… to let them have a possibility of changing, exploring, big evolution. To most of them I do not add glue so they can always be changed.

FOR NOW all are gifted. If you need one… contact me via Facebook or Instagram.

Because magic is a circle, never the same, never standing in one place… evolution is her middle name!

1. Fire Tongue Wand – (mine) A pure crystal and amazing shaped driftwood with a dragon head! Driftwood with pieces of fire :)

It is so soft. Such a strange power, clear and leading to the surfaces of being which where untouched.

I added just a red string, just to make it stronger. Protective. And it is ready. Can not stop touching it… Just thinking…

Creating is a listening to all these whispers which are around us. Usually, in this loud world which we have, we can not hear them… but if You just try, just unplugged Yourself, You can be very surprised :) And when I finished this wand, pieces of my mind like puzzles where put in a right places – amazing feeling!!!

2. Milky WayWand – for sale (300DKK)

a very maternity wand 🙂

Simple, soft driftwood with small shape of the wound, with a milky crystal found in my soul place, and… well dog? ;) LOL

This one is strangely singing. Amazing feeling!

With all these shapes and faces inside, I can feel a power of The Great Mother. And in fact I am not the best in this feeling. As a kid who was unwanted, never felt good about it… but my Island is changing me, like I am changing Her ;)

3. Tiny Love – a small wand for Kathy 😉

Amazing piece for an amazing person. Made it from a piece of driftwood, and awesome piece of milky crystal with tiny leftovers from the Sea 🙂 Red for passion, green to believe in it and milky crystal for a family.

4. Praying Stick – shaman journey (for sale 250DKK)

Something what You can hold when meditate or pray, or just think, hope, that Your life need a change. Two runes are for luck and protection. Fehu and Thurisaz. To fight for Your dreams.

Blue and green colors will help to feel peace and connect with this what is invisible 🙂

THE WIND IS CREATING!!! The powers are touching me and giving directions… how awesome it is? :)

So today there will be more 😉

And just found awesome piece, look at this. A face of a lady, boobs 🙂 Whole Goddess in one piece 🙂 Her mouth are open, head is on a shoulder 🙂 She will be called a Maiden Wand

Nature is amazing 🙂

5. Crow’s Claw Wand – (sold) the one who is protecting and guiding 😉 Connecting to the spirits and leading to the places which are still covered with “doubt”. An amazingly shaped piece of black/brown/blue flint and a piece of driftwood. There is also Algiz Rune.

There is something from Thor’sHammer in it. Some of mythological powers and natural elements.

Made with this piece of driftwood, Algiz Rune and amazingly shaped piece of a closed flint… strong, like a crow guarding, sitting on a tree 😉 I made it listening to the singing winds!!!

This stone I found in my Soul Place. Amazing piece of Bornholm. It is so soft, so fragile, but also so strong, can make fire, and was for so long in a sea cradle! All 2 elements inside one piece.

6. Pink Time – (for sale 250DKK) Nauthiz Rune, which is a strength, patients, and being creative, but also about discipline in creating. It is a wand which will always remind You about letting things flow. Not standing apart the force who we do not even know, that love is here.

7. Hecate’s Scepter (mine) a special, very strong wand. Big, heavy, for self confident. There will be a few more wooden beads and feather from my crow’s tribe and seagul’s tribe but Hecate’s Scepter, finished during a Full Moon… is ready. Strong and powerful. Something not for everyone. A tool to change life and understand this pieces inside of us. Listening to this special whispers!

A big piece of driftwood, yarn with fluffy fire colors… and a big piece of flint. A special, probably shaped thousands years ago, in black and blue colors. Very strong, will help to connect the world of spirits. Will make Your self confident stronger. Just hold Her…

8. Maiden Wand – (for sale 300DKK) is all about Man and Woman. Two powers inside one piece. A driftwood shaped into a female with boobs and… male part. Finished with naturally shaped stone – male part, blade. Something to finally understand divinity inside everyone. To find all powers which we can hide inside.

This piece of driftwood, this female face, is so full of expressions! What has happend to this Goddess?

9. Grandmother Crow – (mine) is special, one and only, created from 2 naturally shaped pieces of driftwood. She is the one who will watch You growing up in the world of spirits. She will hide You, and help to find some answers. Especially if the crow is Your totem animal.

10. The Hammer Wand – (for sale 300DKK) is all about making changes in live. To cut the cords, to find this what is important, open the gates to subconscious. Kenaz, Fehu, Gebo, Thurisaz and Haglaz. To find inspiration in this what makes us happy, for love, connecting, but also protecting things we care for.

Hammer Wand is simple, with two spirals and a simple naturally shaped stones, added pink and clear rocks and a piece of sea glass to protect. This wand is very simple, already ready to use. Light and so soft. Made from driftwood, with runes, like always blessed by Island.

11. The Simple Love Wand – (for sale 250DKK) to protect the love, to be able finding it or to hold it. With pink crystal, Algiz Runes and burnt simple, raw calendar.

12. Twisted Wand (for sale 300DKK) the one which can help find a correct path in Your life. With a special twisted branch, marked with a bark which looks like a skin of a black old elephant, with half clear crystal with 2 bloody lines, and purple feather… Naturally shaped piece of pinky-white-clear crystal was attached with merino wool. And added a feather which was given to me by a friend – Kathy!!!

A perfect wand to connect light and darkness.

13. Love Bites – (for sale 250DKK) one of my love wands. For those who need to find or keep love near. Refresh old or change this one which You have.

14. The Torch – (for sale 500DKK) The Goddess holding two lights. Her hands are up, her body full of yellow and green… She is ready to change. The only one who can see through darkness and light. Perfect for a New Year wish. A big piece for Imbolc, the one who holds the light on every path You choose. Two big milky crystals, a yellow feather and a dark seed for some balance between the light and darkness.

And the branch is shaped in a woman’s body, calling someone open-minded.

A black seed, to remember about the darkness.

15. My amulet for 2012 – a round piece of wood with runes, red yarn, feathers from Kathy, Thank You, and our home protector – a silver snake.

16. Waves of Changes – (for sale 300DKK) I love this feeling when pieces of stones, wood, seeds and colors of wool sing together. A wand is like a perfect painting, a poem… This one will be called Waves of Changes – includes a fresh wood, from a very special wishing tree with burnt waves, milky crystal, green and blue wool, and added amulet with a spiral and Fehu Rune. All should let You work with the storms and waves of changes… understanding that changes are necessary but also painful sometimes. All pieces come from a magical Island. I added dried “Sorbus aucuparia” – Rowan Tree to protect You on this way.

17. Little Witch Wand(for sale 300DKK) She has amazing shaped piece of brown-black flint with a witch holding bolline – one of witch tools. It is a driftwood with Haglaz and Algiz Runes, to explore this inner witch, to let those powers come out, to protect this who we are. To fell in love with magic. I added some pretty burnt floral motives and a small tree seedling.

18. Perfect Luck Wand – (for sale 300DKK) I found this amazing piece of driftwood and just knew what is it. Some luck who everybody needs. Then came a piece of a green seaglass and a perfect green stone… added pink crystal with a green spot and made by me amulet with triskel…

and it should work!

19. Twin Dragons Wand – (for sale 300DKK) a special wand with two milky crystals and amulet with a healing circle. To remember that there is not only up and down, but in fact we are in a middle of the big circle. To guide and protect on every path You will choose!!!

20. Water Dragon Wand – (for sale 500DKK) 2012 is a Chinese Year of a Water Dragon. And on the first day of this amazing time I found this branch. Knew there is a dragon, a protector and a wise one who can guide someone to this uncovered pieces of yourself! Added sage leaves to make dreams come true, for visions, a milky crystal for an eye and a pointy clearer crystal on the other side. To protect You on this road I added an amulet with two runes.

Now You can go! The Water Dragon will lead You!

This is a very old magic. Powers of the lands unknown!

and in a day light

21. Tree of Life and Goddess Shrine – (for sale 100DKK each)

Tree of Life has a small face between the branches. Is the start and the past. Will remind You about spell which where taken by leaves and the one who will just getting birth. It is a small amulet. Luck, protection and power of nature. Has a small triskel on the back. For You to remember everything comes back!

Goddess Srine – in fact every woman is a goddess. A power inside of her own castle, on her own land. Everyone is different this is why it is so important to get them know better. This one will lead You into journey inside Your own Goddess Powers. This is why has a Raido Rune on the back/up of the creation.

22. The True Goddess Scepter (for sale 500DKK) – a big, amazing, powerful tool to gain more self confidence, to fight with all what is impossible. An amazing piece, with tiny umbrellas to protect You on every way You choose. The stone comes from one of oldest pieces of my Island – Bornholm. Probably was a tool ages ago. You can here it whispering stories and spells!

bark driftwood, which was burnt by me into floral elemenths to touch the true female, the fire…

Water Dragon Wand and Goddess Scepter

23. Triple Gebo (for sale 300DKK) – a tool to find true love, true friendship, this people who will be with us forever. Light with three runes and 2 crystals.

raw and wild

24. Stardust (for sale 300DKK) – to make dreams come true, to let yourself to believe in magic, to believe in you. It is a special piece. I did not want to use glue so created a holder with a small star :) Look at this sandy star!

I took fresh pine branches, to make it also a healer. Prepared them, and tight with a spell. And a star on the other end.

25. Pointy Wand (for sale 250 DKK) – strong and raw… I used a piece of driftwood and marked it with fire. Used naturally shaped point and a piece of pink crystal, to make it stronger, more friendly. This piece will cut all problems but also show You what is wrong in Yours life. What does not suit to You…

this pieces really sing together!

26 Sleep helpers (for sale 300 DKK both) – are created from pine branches, very fresh, which I dried, removed the bark, smoothed, and added crystal without glue. You can put them under a pillow and open Your inner traveling during night. The best way is to put one around Your head and another in legs… to calm dreams.

27. Little Pinky Love (for sale 250 DKK) – a small piece perfect to add it to a love spell. Piece of driftwood marked with fire and 3 pieces of amazing pink crystal. Looks like a raw calendar, to find the one true love…

28. The Man – protecting amulet (for sale 300DKK) – simple piece of driftwood, which I have changed a bit. Just marked this what was already created by nature. To scare away not just evil persons, and beings, but also all bad thoughts!

It reminds me of the heads from Eastern Islands. Will be an amazing pendant or just a piece hanging near to Your bed or doors. Created to protect the owner, to keep away bad thoughts, nightmares, evil spirits 🙂 It is a driftwood with a beautiful black bark from the other side, found just before the Year of the Dragon.

back with a beautiful dark bark, natural and smooth

29. Isis Wand (for sale 500DKK) – will help You, guide You and discover inner powers inside. But also has an eye to protect and Isis throne of course. The bracelet with a blue scarab can be removed and worn everyday. The top is a white crystal and a piece of pink, combined together.

I just want to give everyone some protection, on every way they choose. The Eye, will be always watching Your back, guiding You and helping in traveling to this what we described as unseen.

I added a hieroglyph and mixed clear crystal with a bit of pink one. To remember about love, spells, and Her amazing strength of the One who is also called A Goddess of Magic!!!

When You hold her, You touch the throne and an eye, so You do not damage the amazing green pieces of the branch. It is the most amazing branch which I have ever seen and found it on 21 december, a saint day of ISIS! 🙂

30. Personal amulets and tiny spell bags (for sale about 200 DKK) – I make them from driftwood, custom orders.

I stuff them with my herbs and sea salts, resins and stones… and I sew bags, in fact I do almost everything to make them true and working!

to protect the family – for sale now!

for self confidence

to find true love

31.  3 Butterflies Wand (for sale 350 DKK incl post not registered).

A piece inspired by mu dream and a story I wrote. With amazing piece of light green, very summer crystal, driftwood touched with fire and 3 butterflies. For someone who feels connected to different spirits inside of him. For someone who’s souls was maybe parted in 3 pieces, who wants to understand all abilities and possibilities. Green, to let the Spring come inside and gives the owner a new life.

“Once upon the time the Mighty Queen gave birth to 3 amazing daughters.

They were so beautiful, and growing up very quickly. Smart, amazing, had just one problem. They looked the same. All with light hair, and blue eyes, so everyone treated them the same, like one. None noticed that one was like fire, quick and creative. The second loved nature and everything connected with it. The third was spiritual. Could walk between spirits and learn from their wisdom.

Finally they noticed, that living like one person is impossible for them, so they went to a Witch. And she changed them into 3 butterflies. Still were one, but looked different.”

I was dreaming about it… and when I wake up, a wand was born. In fact 3 of them were born.

32. Spring Bear Claw Wand (about 450 DKK incl. shipping not registered) – The Spring is here, bears are waking up and looking for food. Bear is a symbol of strength and wisdom, he is also a healer… maybe this is why this wand was born? A big piece of yellow/gray crystal (witch finger), some orange and red, to protect, some glass and wooden beads and amazing zuni fetisch – bone. The strong piece, not just to be fun about, but to wake up, and gain wisdom and strength! To finally believe and cut all cords. To be a bear who finally wakes up!

33. Eternal Love Swan Pendant – connected with my visions which now are full of swans. With feathers they gave me and powers which I will… hope finally understand.

34. Courage Wand – amulet is ready, dried and have cute photos 🙂 Of course is for sale (300DKK incl post not registered)

It is a piece which You can just put in Your pocket and touch when You feel scared, or need to make a nice speech. An amulet, but also something to always have close. The first one is made from driftwood and a raw crystal/quartz, with shades of light green and violet… Already had a bath in herbs and Moon light.

It always makes me feel better, when I touch wood or stones, I am always walking with my pockets full of… well people usually call it trash. But this piece is just beautiful… I know, it sounds like not me, but it is 🙂

35. Pyrite Courage Wand – amulet is ready, dried and have cute photos 🙂 Of course is for sale (400DKK incl post not registered) It is a piece which You can just put in Your pocket and touch when You feel scared, or need to make a nice speech. An amulet, but also something to always have close. Already had a bath in herbs and Moon light.

This one has a big piece of pyrite – helps with health, independence, feeling strong! Helps us to control life, stimulate creativity, balance yin and yang.Let us make dreams come true, and do it, using just our strength. He is fire!

It always makes me feel better, when I touch wood or stones, I am always walking with my pockets full of… well people usually call it trash. But this piece is just beautiful… I know, it sounds like not me, but it is 🙂

36. The Crow Witch Wand (for sale 350DKK) – the one who sees through. The one with 3 eyes, who knows the spirits. This one comes with a big piece of tiger eye, driftwood and a raw crystal. Has also a small broom, to be able to get everywhere 🙂

Crows are smart and wise.

I love when they come and throw nuts or seeds in my window 🙂 They wake me up or just make me to come out from home. I can see their nest. They are preparing to have kids, create new nests in the alley. Meet in the old, huge nest who was never destroyed by the winds… they are able to see more than we are.

They are Morrigan. They are 3 sisters. Macha, Badb and Nemain. They are past, present and the future.

Tiger Eye is a stone of seeing. Tells us that changes are good, that we always should move on! Vibrates to tell us that we can not stick to things. Removes blocks.

Helps us to see real, gives courage!


PS. If You are interested in any of my creations, let me know 🙂 I use paypal (7smoki@7smoki.eu), all prices includes shipping!!!

herbs and resins which I use

custom order