Wishing Wands


I just could not sleep.

Had this idea in me from years, but now when it is more popular, maybe it could be easier… You do not know what I am talking about? WANDS! You all know them from Harry Potter movies, for sure, and other witch stuff, but in fact know nothing about them. Saying short… it is all about binding things which You feel are good for You, powerful, make You calmer or You so needed give energy. It is all about touching something wild. At least if it is about my wands.

Living on Bornholm is full of magic. It is a small Island with a great powers inside, on and above. With secrets and Mighty Goddess taking care of everything and everyone. Walking I can always see protecting herbs around me, seeded here years ago and trees much older… In fact we have more stone circles than others 🙂 But the biggest power is born in this places where the Sea is touching the Island and the Island is giving the water back to the Sea 😉 This is one of my Soul Places. And here I find my magic. I can feel how protective my Island is, and how strong and ancient can be. Like the true mother, which I never had in fact…

Stones, sometimes already used thousands years ago, old and so vibrant, with marks; sometimes wild stones formed by the waves and winds… and magic driftwood with many shapes, usually of the sea creatures. I try to leave everything as I find it. And then, when I have worst time or need bigger help touch them… and magic is on!

Sometimes only thing You can do is pray, ask for help, for a miracle the powers which for most people are strange and impossible. The powers which only You can feel, spirits, angels, ancient gods. The best thing to do then, is to find a tree, and put on it a wish. Write it on a piece of paper and let the spirits help. But sometimes You need to have it closer…

This is what THE WISHING WANDS are for.

Just take a wand and think about Your dream. Remember, than it can not harm anyone, and meditate, or just pray, think strong… take it for a walk, try to watch the signs! Let Yourself to be touched by the simplest magic. Cover a dream with every piece of You, hold it tight touch to Your soul, let the emotions flow!

It will work, because only You can do everything!

PS. Wands will be made from driftwood, stones from a beach, from my Soul Place, with small pieces of wool, ribbons, shells, and of course with a small piece of paper on which You can write Your dream.

But I will also create special wands. This which I find and must just put together… The firs is Grandmother Crow. For me a very special one. Just two amazing pieces of driftwood connected together 😉 I will add something, but for now, it is perfect for me 😉 Touched by 4 elements. Water brought it to me and shaped with the Sun, The Wind put a spirit inside and The Earth gently saved it for me 😉

And some stones which help me to understand the nature of life 😉 Do You use stones in Your magic?

Created thousands years ago…

… pure secret…

My witchcraft is a pure intuition. Always has been and will be. I am able to create bags with herbs which can help to protect home, and think about adding them to the wands. Maybe wishing and protecting can be a full magic? 😉