Dear New Year… I must admit, I would never choose being you. Yeah, you got hyped up, you got all the fireworks and hopes… But, would you deliver? I mean really? Being the leader is a pain in the ass! … Continue reading

Malmö 2

Still… Malmö… Am I expecting something new in 2021. Peace and quiet? Cash in an amount which will make me feel finally save? Or maybe dreams coming true? Yeah… You know, dream big, deal with what you have. This is … Continue reading


Here is Malmö… again. Because after all this rush, I mean really, no offense but I am done with all those information. One day we are a remote, forgotten island… And then… But it was the time when you could … Continue reading


I mean loneliness… Or more like not loneliness, because you always have yourself. And nobody can tell you not to have imaginary friends. Come on! Have them! I mean really… or just try to look deeper in yourself and find … Continue reading