My new oracles… shopping handmade.

Oh my, I am so into it. LOL

To be honest for me it is much more art than help in describing feeling and what is in my head but still, those two beauties I found in Sweden.

In fact in Göteborg.

In a tiny shop full of…

… oh my, I mean it was like a witchy dragon’s cave. Full of crystals, tools, bits and bobs, I finally found a small cauldron which I wanted for so long, iron one, black, perfect. And heavy, if you are walking alone sometimes you got to protect yourself, soo… trust me, this can work perfectly. For shorter distances especially. Yup, I am thinking about everything, or at least trying…

But the oracles.

First is, I am sure now, a bit more well known, popular etc… You know, the one by Collette Baron Reid Placed in a beautiful box, hard, magnetic close, 68 cards. And oh my, they are so beautiful, I mean just looking at them is such a peaceful journey through art… oh my there is also Mystical Shaman, I want it! But coming back, I bought them in a shop, old fashioned one, with humans in… it was wrapped, new and there was one to just check what is inside.

It was such a surprise, to be honest.

It was like, it is pretty, it is art but also it is a part of me… wild one.

The second one is completely different.

This is a creation of Serafia Andersson She is a Swedish creator, as she describes herself: “A certain bohemian good-witch sort of charm!” The cards are Drottning Kraka. And, oh my, they are amazing. In fact you get two kinds of cards, runes included and a way to work with them. It is for sure, for me, something new… you know, getting the way to use it, not just follow intuition and feelings, but…

It is cool.

I know that Serafina has at least one oracle translated to English but this one is in Swedish. Simple, so no worries. If you know one of Scandinavian languages it will be okay plus, it is obvious too, sooo… you can always try if it speaks to you.

And it is so interesting… different, much more family oriented.

And finally…

Oh my, it was a nightmare!!! Somehow it is only sold in USA… but thanks to a friend living in USA I got the expansion pack to my Crow Oracle which stays my all time favorite next to this one, The Arboridium. Bought it from Etsy, not available now… wait, it is there again, LOL sorry, there is a link.

Somehow crows are me… yeah, always, forever…

Sooo… here is an update.

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