Magic of the sea

Learn of the magic of the sea.

It is calming but can be harsh, hides secrets but sometimes… also lets them out, and it can be tricky to find skeletons on the beach… because there is so many of them. Or not. I am not saying that skeletons are everywhere but come on, we are made of the bones of our ancestors, however creepy it may sound, this is the truth.


But the sea…

It has so many moods and faces. So many secrets, stories and is unpredictable although also can be calm and so salty. I mean, come on. Saltiness changes, of course but still, it is sometimes like a thick soup. Dead Sea… for example.

Or North Sea 2 years ago.

Also it has monsters.

Smaller an bigger.

You may be surprised how many of them live there… and how many in fact is not monsters is only misunderstood.

With every wave and ripple it changes but also stays the same. Changes the coast but also brings something new. Takes away trees, branches, rocks and sand, everything what can be moved, and water is patient. Very patient though sometimes you doubt it look those huge waves, movements, storms. Harsh, windy weather, rains… those ships and boats. And people. People who understand the sea so easily. Who live by the sea, who can easily say how it will look like next day and another one…

… who can sail, swim, treat it as a path.

So many gods very name sea gods so many beings living there, not only mermaids but also, especially here, still people talk about sea people, who in fact look mostly like us only have different hands and feet and faces a bit smoother… listen to old sea people, with beards and pipes what they have to say. Listen to the sea… get into the blue softness even when it is cold. It can be so refreshing.

Offering even a rebirth.

But always be careful.

Be careful because the sea is also needy… it loves to take people for itself. Just because. Because there is something we for sure do not get… The sea is the power and one of the elements… you can see it only as a water but you can also look deeper. And feel it. Notice that when you come closer, ripples become more closer to you, come more often, they fluctuate, they wanna touch you, welcome you, they want you…

Or… is it only me?

Magic of the sea, for me, mostly is a cleansing one.

I come there when I need to refresh my tools, or clean up the new. Or clean up myself, my body, mind… I just come and feel invited even when the wind is beating me with it’s feasts of air… I come there to offer my pain, and it takes it away, and my hopes and dreams to make them bigger, to water them…

Because here with this sound, more silent or loud, everything is both ethereal and stone solid. So solid. And that sand, rocks, and… more more more…

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