Smögen 6

I mean…

… it is like a candy… bag of candies.

And somehow they are all mine!

All mine!

Nope, it is not my city, not my place, not mine at all, but still it feels so.

Feels like I was here alone, like I could touch everything, look everywhere and get into every room, spot, place.

Crazy feeling.

And all those details.

So connected to the Swedish culture but also modern somehow.

Is it because of IKEA?


I love such places after season.

When there is no tourists, some how so called normality is back, that connected to a regular living… you can smell an everyday dinner, simple homemade meal, see a couple slowly going for fishing maybe…

And I can pretend I got lost here and there and touch those walls, that wood. Feel the true structure, hear the stories…

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