Smögen 10

And here everything is so arty… Not only in artists, not only painted, sculptured, bidden together, crafted, but also when it comes to so called regular people… Also… Like every island always was a pusher… Pushing all of us to … Continue reading

Smögen 9

But one thing I am sure… Here everything is art. People pushed into its arms, creating, being all the time in this state of after or before. Proud or confused… The same is with nature surrounding the rocks, on the … Continue reading

A year…

A year is something full of seasons, occasions, important days, moments… Some of them, dates, days an nights are since the far away past known as those special. Connected with beings, the mighty veil, spirits running around… legends and myths, … Continue reading

And now

And now “Rainy moments windy moments last leaf stubborn leaf attached to the branch which wants only to let go… to just become naked again sometimes a sunny moment sometimes a gloomy one and some fog havgus waves stroms just … Continue reading

Smögen 8

Okay… yes, some people travel with their pets. Mostly dogs of course, somehow we all got used to dogs on the laps, leashes etc. You can find bowls with water all around streets of Sweden. Really. Some also need some… … Continue reading

Smögen 7

And somehow, even standing in the corner, between the walls, looking at the roofs almost touching each other… Even being in the shadow, feeling the gentle song of wind… Even standing in a line in a shop, buying a memory, … Continue reading