Every bit…

I mean…

It is like a true nonsense but I have to admit to it that when I go somewhere, I wanna find every bot about this place…

I wanna know, see, touch.

I just can not only lick the surface, I got to dig.

Dig deep… but sometimes something stops me.

Makes me wonder… why the heck you do it, leave it.

Hands of!

And I am like: you are rude!

And that voice in me is like: I am tired!!!

And then a moment of: I do not give a fuck appears… I like when it comes. All in white walks in, you know the vibe…

And I am confused.

But I stop.

And breath.

Stop writing, taking pictures, gathering information, run around like that headless chicken… Have you ever seen that chicken in person? Or another one? You know, dead but still running…

I did.

And I will be doing more of it… not the chicken thing, just turning of Facebook, posting less. Working but not posting it… because why the heck do I struggle with that not working world? The whole internet if I can not sell myself?

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