It is autumn

In Scandinavia autumn starts with September.

Shops close… same is on my island.

The season ends…

… people are more rare and the sweet air, chilly, oh, so nice… and windy is back…

But the drought on my island is still present, there, where those photos were taken, it was a bit different.

Not much rain but still, much more than on my island.

And I enjoyed it.


Valuing every moment.

Being just there, not anywhere else.



The world recently seems like only problems. Taxes, food, drought… war. I am lost in my own world, how can I got more? Even much more? I do not push myself to get all the info about the world far away from me, though it impacts even my little island… I am trying to fix my own life.

This is all I can do.

All I am learning how to do…

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