And more walking…

I sometimes think that I am truly weird.

Things which are most important for me are somehow invisible for others…

Or maybe I have never found my tribe?

Can be.

… right?

I hear the walls, I hear the windows.

I am somehow, in those old cities like in the woods… trying to listen…

Hear stories and catch myths. Instead of ticks or something even worse… like… you know what.

Alone… almost.

You can always ask my psychiatrist.

I think I have one, still…

To be honest, studying even more I am sure of one thing… I know nothing. And it is okay. To know nothing. You can always ask.


Try something new.

For me this modern world is a constant fear… paper and a pen is enough but not nowadays. Sooo… how will I get older? I mean, is it even possible?

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