Loving old

It is fascinating… the past…

Its secrets and somehow familiar doings.

Love and hate, stories and wars.

Everything was the same just toys were different.

More talking, more listening, more symbolism… though… maybe now, with all those emoticons our time wins in symbolism?


But… what about understanding this?

I mean them…

Somehow people are recently not only angry but also so confused.

Was it also a part of the past?


Or maybe the past was much more obvious? He was wearing this and that, so it meant he was that person, doing this special job…


Nowadays you can only somehow recognize people of… faith. I will call it this way. All rabbis, pops, christian priests, reverends…

For me nowadays are too confusing. The past is something amazing to be discovered, nature is simple… some stuff you can eat only once. LOL Okay, dumb joke, but so fucking true. LOL But humanity… I do not get you.


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