I love words. I love to create them, change them, use them like clay… so noticing the existence of The Dictionary of obscure Sorrows was for me… … an epiphany. Was… Because I still did not get this book. It … Continue reading

I mean…

The reflections are my obsession. The way water or glass break so called normality and reality is amazing. It is like doubting in this what you see. It is like finally discovering that there is more… More to have fun … Continue reading


I mean… … a reflection. Believing that Alice was right with that other side of the mirror. All those spells… bloody Mary. So many stories and do nots! You know when you are and where you are and all of … Continue reading


It happens often… no time or place closed… you put it on your list but then never come back… You come back to the place but you are different now… Or you just forgotten. Or it is not important anymore. … Continue reading