“The one who wakes up and feels better

because the weather is gloomy and cold?

Or maybe the one who swims until her legs

gets so heavy that coming out from the sea seems to be impossible?

Or maybe me is…

the one waking up and having time only for myself

and not feeling the guilt?

Or maybe… maybe there is no me only bunch of puzzles

which sometimes create a picture and sometimes

are just a mess.

Not suiting each other?

Or maybe it is all me.

One and only me?

Me hating the sun but also needing it for photos.

Me buying a bear and not caring about fancy bags.

Me wearing only black and silver…

just because I am scared of wearing other colors.

Me… always a question never an answer.


Running away from people into the wilderness but also

running away from wilderness because toilet paper is better than leaves…

It is me.

It is all me.” Ch. J.

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