Old wife’s tale… Changes…

I hate them.

I really do…

As someone with all those beautiful and blooming mental disorders, I am more like: please leave me alone, nope, do not change that, this not too, that also. Just do not touch it. Touch nothing. Go away!!!

Leave my trees alone!!!

… but even I can not stop understanding that they are needed. Changes for better, changes of seasons… if it goes to colder months, sorry… See, sometimes it is good to see them closer and check if it is not the shit we have cooking around us.

The whole problem is that life equals changes…

… constant changes.

And you know what? We can be pissed about it. We can hate them, we can love just calm, quiet life but, we can also sometimes choose a change. Be the one who changes, somehow even embrace them, although it is often an extreme. Come on, let me be myself… though even myself… I…

I changed. I change… More, I keep changing all the time. Loving this then a of the sudden nope. That, then no way.

But there are things which are stable and constant.

There are such things.

You can find comfort in observing them, just being around them. Just… trying to sometimes accept that even them… may change. Is in fact in this whole Universe something forever? For sure humans and their hate… yeah, sadly it is something forever. Though, are we forever?

For sure not.

We are not forever.

But… even we hating changes, and there is many of us, we see them in things we love like our fave drink disappearing, our favorite author stops writing, labels changing, to be honest, often those are tiny things. Or too big like the woods being cut of… this kills me piece by piece.

New shop.

Sometimes, yes…

… with time we got used to things and places but sometimes we just can not… we threw away possibilities and stay in no change zone. And then… well, we regret, so maybe sometimes it is okay to accept the change? Jump and see what will happen. Because for sure there are things we can not control, so maybe… jump. Maybe there will be something similar, maybe something you will love even more…


Or not.

The fun fact is in you! You can accept or get pissed. You can fight or agree it is only wasting your time and… just let it go. Learning to letting things go is a huge lesson and truly sucks but helps to live… I am not good in it.

Okay, sometimes I am good but mostly…

Letting go is an art itself.

Try it. It is painful… but to be honest, changes are for many of us also so fucking painful and uncomfortable, take our calm away and make us feel lost. Soo, maybe it is okay, maybe it is even more to just fuck it what we can not change?

Just kick it!

Smash it!

Change… or not.

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