The sea

The Baltic Sea is one of the most amazing and mysterious beings… to be honest after II WW it became a trash place but… Still… Stories about mermaids and sea people, strange finds, villages from the past under water and … Continue reading


Me? “The one who wakes up and feels better because the weather is gloomy and cold? Or maybe the one who swims until her legs gets so heavy that coming out from the sea seems to be impossible? Or maybe … Continue reading


Bicycles… I have heard that in USA media runs around a joke, that Danes are soo poor that they have to use bicycles instead of cars… Oh well, we also walk. I mean really. And to be honest yes, Scandinavia … Continue reading

Love me

Love me “Is love there for me scripted packed not send or is not is only a sensible thought touching my road playing with past path of future reacts consciously being is love it or not or is it just … Continue reading

Dive in

Dive in “Dive in into darkness don’t call it evil. There is nothing good nothing bad it’s just a power it is or may be your freedom. Step away… You got tools and intentions. You use them as you like. … Continue reading