When do you feed your inner child?

I mean really?

Your inner child.

This part of you which wants to jump when is excited?

This part of you which wants a huge bunch of lollies but…

Oh yes, you are an adult.

Boring you.

Sit here with me and stick out your tongue.

Just do it!

Great, first move. Now wipe your mouth you salivating monster. LOL Come on, we will have ice cream only because we can, and somehow now when we can you let Gods of Calories to push you out from the cart. Come on, we will take bubble gum and chocolate and maybe… sprinkles?

And then we will just walk and look at the pavement, be careful of lines, do not step on lines, look there, so cool, looks like dragon… and that guy looks so similar to this dragon branch. LOL Yes, we are not laughing because of him, only because our minds are free and create those funny connections… it is not about being mean, we are adults, we know how mean kids can be, so we do not like kids.

Not sharing my ice cream bugger off!

I will buy a bear or a doll house… and play LEGO whole day.

Being an adult sucks. Sucks in many dimensions if you let adultness to somehow posses you. Only if… Because there is another way. It is right in front of you or in you. Hidden in that tiny ring you will have from twigs and few stones and branches, and loving those fairy tales all again. Just because you can read only fairy tales instead of sad news. You can and you should…

Be a fairy be a princess be… not someone who makes yourself bored.

Come on.

You can do it!

Stick out your tongue again and look at the sea… yeah, I know there are others watching us. Does it really matter? Oh, hi miss Blank. Yes, will have my dissertation tomorrow. Yes, for sure…

Bugger. LOL

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