How? “How do you sleep when others are not sleeping? How do you hate when others are loving? How do you hide when nobody is looking for you? How do you breath if the air is out of order… How … Continue reading


I mean, I always think about them… Travelers of the past. Those people screaming: land. Hungry of the piece of soil which is not wobbly, not moving, not salty… All the time. But the past was not always a welcoming … Continue reading


It was 2020… … when everything was still around the beginning of this… fear. Pandemic was present but Sweden was different during those years. People here were less scared, less panicy. Careful but… of course vacation in Sweden were like … Continue reading


Somehow for last few years we all live in… … fear. Clean, basic, overwhelming fear. Some of us try to fight it, some surrender, some… done of it a life reason. Life path. Fear, finding all the time worse messages, … Continue reading