Sometimes I look at them and think… Is it only the time on the branch which counts for them? From a naked branch, bud and then wet, weirdly not fully crafted, green or reddish bit… Then firm and shaped green, … Continue reading


Near Bottna in Sweden you can find them… rocks… Standing stones… Emptiness and whispers. Cup marks and a wagon. And trees… wilderness and calming hugs of fresh air. And the sea singing for you from not so far away. And… … Continue reading


I mean… this is why I love to take my Familiar when I look for helleristninger. He always sees everything… Differently. He is not the book or one of my professors or colleagues. He is just himself looking at everything … Continue reading


Life “Sometimes life is all about: walks waves winter woods wonders valleys rocks ribbons rain rusted wheel rugged bits ruins books brains beards of nisser bloody flames candles chips corpses archeology arches axes air trees and rocks and books yeah … Continue reading

You must woman

You must woman “You must be a pure success mother lover business shit kitchen aid love everyone be the goddess atheist believer worshiper healer and killer everything knowing first healing last … Be always kind no worries no hate no … Continue reading