Old wife’s tales… Fashionista

I mean…

… oh okay, I grew up in a poor environment and in crazy 80tis and 90tis… sooo, I was never a fashionista. But, when I started to wear a hat after a month a whole city stole hats from grandpas and…

All of sudden I lost my look.

Then I started to experiment with my ears and we are not talking about how many piercings I have. Nope. Never. This is mine, my diary, my life. But… see, I have anxiety and depression, so I need music to be able to walk out. To be between people and… my playing thing is weird and have wires… guess what is now in fashion, wearing fancy expensive earphones and… wires!!!


And they call it fashion. A way to let other people know that they do not want to talk… I mean, okay, I get it, but it never worked for me… still, all of sudden I am such a fashionista, especially with all my mental issues.

One thing you will not see me wearing is fashion from the past. In a clear meaning of so fancy now 90tis… Are you kidding me all?

And as a witch… I am myself.

Nope. No definitions, intuition, feelings, following my own visions…

This works.

Not an animal print… LOL Or high heels. Or: you must wear this because if not… oh bugger of, breath, loose pants!!! Because following others means loosing yourself. Quickly. And you can not notice that… but others, yeah, others may follow you just because, because you are different, but they never can be you.

It is impossible.

Dumb copies.

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