“Listen to the rain

gentle dropping

listen to the rain

calming sound

let it cover your mind

in soothing blankets

in clouds

in fluffy sea sound

until the moment


it will finally make you

smile.” Ch.J.

For the first time…

I mean really in ages, I was just standing outside, under the tiny roof, almost in the rain, almost with it, but also being able to listen, just listen not getting soaked. Listen to this autumnal, slow rain. Autumnal music. Hitting the roof, stepping on every plant… those awoken and a garden table, chairs…

On my olive tree which has one huge olive!

My eucalyptus, which is a new addition… hope he will be feeling here okay. I hope it will survive and grow… ma sage, where the sound was so crazy, so rough, rosemary which was sometimes, somehow, avoiding the drops and thyme… My wooden terrace, mint and last flowers…

Forgotten leaves… last grape.

You could say, oh rain, simple stuff, but standing there was such a luxury. Luxury in stopping and only listening and breathing…

Maybe my life is rather slow, I am not a party pooper, I am not interested in parties and cinemas and all that jazz, it is not rush, but recently it is a constant stress. And somehow that moment was my luxury. My fancy bag or expensive meal in a restaurant… you know, something I would never call a luxury.

Listening to the rain…

Amazing concert.

Thank you.

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