Blomsholm 13

And somehow here you discover yourself again. And it does not matter if you are a scientist or just a loving nature being fascinated with all this bloomingness. Though being an archeologist is somehow crucial here. Imagine… imagine working here … Continue reading

Blomsholm 12

And all those messages… runes, ogham, language of the trees and grass… Bodies. Ashes. Something in the shadows. Something in the roots. Grass and tiny flowers, aromas in the air. Warm sun but windy air. And that calming feeling… Path. … Continue reading

Blomsholm 10

And step by step… You get into this world. Huge place, amazing… Green, full of flowers and trees and… Memories. Luckily you get the paths to feel… somehow safe, somehow not like an intruder. Somehow… like you could choose… sacrum … Continue reading


“Listen to the rain gentle dropping listen to the rain calming sound let it cover your mind in soothing blankets in clouds in fluffy sea sound until the moment before it will finally make you smile.” Ch.J. For the first … Continue reading

Blomsholm 9

You keep walking and discover amazing place. Rich place… full of past, now and future, full of life… And death. Graveyard but also if you listen, well, life. True life. Here are lonely standing… stopped in a moment… But also … Continue reading

Blomsholm 8

But here there are not only those stones… those huge, famous, ship shaped, standing stones… nope. There are also other stones. And rings. And circles and graves… And living people too. And trees, amazing tiny plants and calming feelings. How … Continue reading