Blomsholm 2

And then the stones… Shaped, bent. Tall. Breathtaking… “Blomsholm is one of Bohuslän’s finest cultural heritage landscapes, with lots of remains from the Stone Age until medieval times. Blomsholm has ancient remains of national interest. For this reason, it may … Continue reading


I mean… was I expecting this… Huge, empty… In fact amazing place with lots of stones. Standing stones. Burials and… the whispers. And legends still feeling so alive. Some info… For those in need. And the rest was only me … Continue reading

Fjällbacka 14

But most amazing, cute and all that stuff… Are those houses. Touching themselves, hugging almost. Sometimes wanting to be even closer, sharing the same roof, fence, garden… Liking being together… But from time to time one prefers to stand out. … Continue reading

Fjällbacka 13

And that blue and white and red, yellow and… Yes, this place is normal, regular village/city… by the sea. Yes, people have here normal, boring problems but also those which are much different like the rock eroding. Like… The flooding. … Continue reading