Veddö 21

And suddenly everything has changed… All of the sudden we have a composition of a rock and trees… And a path. Nature playing with art… no brushes included. Just growing. Waiting… time changing everything. And look at those elephant feet. … Continue reading

Shoe magick

Found this article and must admit, I was surprised. read “Concealed shoes are typically found within chimneys, fireplaces, under floorboards, in the attic, and even around doors and windows. They are usually found during renovation works taking place on the … Continue reading

Veddö 19

Okay, it is majestic, impossible, possible, existing and being a fairytale… But also, to be honest, there is that feeling… We are not in Kansas anymore. Really. And there is that figure of a bear or a praying being… There … Continue reading

Veddö 18

And step by step… To be honest there is too much to contemplate. Too much. Too much to see, experience, to just… Be with… And this amazing meadow, which knows salty water and sweet, winds and legends, creates myths and … Continue reading

Veddö 17

Like elephants… I mean, those rocks look like elephants… They look like their skin, and those plants, like grass. I mean. Look at this color even… Not only the structure… to come closer, wanna pat it and all of sudden… … Continue reading