Veddö 12

Imagine up and down. Imagine sitting here and feeling the breeze but also the sun. Still hot, still summery… hard rock, softness of the wood and that waves splashing so close. And colors all around, not only blue… Nope. Look … Continue reading

Veddö 10

I mean, rocks. Simple thing, right? Boulders? Or maybe heads, limbs of giants living here before… Or maybe legends, forgotten stories which got stoned… Or maybe… Us in the future? Maybe this is true life? Being a rock? Come on, … Continue reading

Giving up

Giving up “To just not care… to just go and never come back… to not look back… sometimes it seems a good idea… because nowadays bad things are called lessons good things happening are just the time to wait for … Continue reading

Veddö 9

It is a bit like meditation… just walking, sitting, eating a sandwich… Looking far far far away. I mean truly, it is such a special, calm and calming place… mindfulness is here in the air. Not some theory… It is… … Continue reading

Veddö 8

I mean… it is in fact all about rocks and waves… imagine this place during a huge storms… in fact, how does the waves dance in such space? Is it calmer? Louder? What does the sea bring? What it gives … Continue reading

Veddö 7

I mean, with every step this place was showing more and more and more… It was breathtaking, super spot for meditation. Where rocks are so colorful… I mean those are plants, but still… growing on rocks! Where everything is sooo… … Continue reading