Veddö… I mean… a place I wanted to visit, a place for sure you got to see one day. Of course if you love rocks, bit fantasy movie scenery… Weirdly shaped rocks and… Yeah, a lot more! Oh yeah… and … Continue reading


I recently have all those feelings… some could say bad feelings, I do not see them this way… you know, as in that story by Marilyn in “Northern Exposure”… things often are not good or bad. You know, the chief … Continue reading


I get easily distracted. For example a train, fields… and I am done. But come on, look at this structure of something what used to be just grass thousand years ago. Only grass. Even not noticeable. Maybe was itchy for … Continue reading


I mean, really, people always notice those so called exotic bits but do not notice what they have. Do not look deeper, better… Only #s counts? Maybe… I love shells which are available here on the north. Okay… Almost north … Continue reading


I heard they are opening again! Or more like are already open… And it is a must see place and shop. You know I love souvenirs, but the souvenirs which are more than special. Which will bring feelings with them. … Continue reading