It was 2019. Nasty year even though we finally made one of our dreams true. Home… I still remember December of 2018 and my visions that that was last Jul there in that awful stinky house, I laughed out myself … Continue reading


I want… I want something I want something so strongly that even thinking about is painful somehow cracks my soul heart muscles, bones and rips the skin opens old wounds and creates new ones… soul and heart however you call … Continue reading


Me “I am a witch and they made me silent. I am a woman and they made me invisible. I am myself and they decided I need to be changed… though into what? Darkness, light, colors or pale… I am … Continue reading


I do not feel myself again… I feel too much and not enough t the same time. I feel different needs and old ones and… To be honest, I have no idea if I want this what I always wanted. … Continue reading