Vrångstad gravfält

Vrångstad… to be honest, I found some information about it but never thought it is such huge, whole day consuming experience.

Including history, archeology and nature.

Or mostly nature touched by humans?


Something more, something mythical, mythological…

Sleeping giants, covered with a green, soft moss.

Rocks, calm and waiting for your notice… for your dreams and stories.

For you…

And it was one of those days when I needed trees and rocks and the past. I somehow have such days…

Too often. LOL

And to be honest, those first breaths were so enjoyable. So like drinking clear water from a deep well covered in flint.

Sooo… primal.

Trees… such blessing.

And the light, somehow leading us the way which… we messed up. Again, we will have to come back here, or more like, I want to come back here.

Now? LOL

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