Smögen 5

Soooo, yes, of course I sniffed the gallery from far away, come on…

I am a dog for art? Really woman, what the heck are you writing, more or less, I found this tiny place, tiny building, had fun seeing both architecture and art of many artists, though mostly…

Elisabeth Rippes.

Bought some cards! They have amazing bits if you re looking for something extraordinary. Truly…

Here is the Facebook page of gallery.

And Instagram. LOL

I mean walking in is an adventure itself. You are getting into this old hut and can hear the past. Those songs, oh my, naughty you all gentlemen!

Those fishy…

Okay, coming clear here, no smell of fish, only colors, shapes, surroundings dipped in the paint and stuck into canvases.

So much fun! Such a joyful art!

And place.

And then you go out and see it all, and get it how it came to her head!!!

But I was in a such hurry!

Come on, I want it all one more time!!!

It is a must!

Mój sklep/My shop here ChepcherJones and BearfromBornholm

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