Vrångstad gravfält

Vrångstad… to be honest, I found some information about it but never thought it is such huge, whole day consuming experience. Including history, archeology and nature. Or mostly nature touched by humans? Or… Something more, something mythical, mythological… Sleeping giants, … Continue reading

Gray hair

I was watching the video… link here… about calm, love… Blooming trees… New beginnings. You know this channel, I talked about it earlier, so I really hope you still remember amazing Liziqi. And skipping if it is a Chinese manipulation … Continue reading

Smögen 9

Okay, I was sneaky… I mean, I do know how they are build, but somehow for me they are those caves hiding best treasures. Like those from fairy tales. Because for me treasures are people’s stories… And memories. And bits … Continue reading

Smögen 8

And to be honest, I could spend here hours. Just being hidden between the rocks or sitting on those rocks and looking there… Into another world. Behind the veil. It was a blessing we had none else for a moment. … Continue reading

Smögen 7

And to be honest, clock was ticking, we were tired and stressed and we could not find those famous colorful huts… I mean… Somehow I agreed with myself, that maybe next time? Come on! And even ow, when it is … Continue reading