Okay, welcome to one of the most popular sites in Sweden. Though a bit worn out… as I recon.

For me it is another spot which made my heart wobble.


Amazing, weird, more amazing or weird. About over 1300 humans living there… in fat not a natural island, nope…

No way.

It is a bunch of rocky bits combined together and added wooden pier.

Cool, right?

Or just practical?

When you come there… you know it is something from another world.

Modified, though still… somehow ancient.

Faces, head, giants sleeping… waiting for something… different.

Or well known for them.

Or maybe…

I mean I was sitting there under me was a small tunnel… a boat…

But somehow I felt… good.

So… finally in place. Seen, though also well hidden, because who cares about weirdos on the rocks?

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