I do

I don’t need much…

To be honest, I really do not.

Books, tea, peace and quiet, emptiness, good sleep, fresh water, food which does not make me sick…

And emptiness.

Places which are more like me…

Ends of the worlds.

With no people, bunch of rocks on the sea… this one is in Sweden, Hamburgsund.

A bunch of rocks in front of you, tiny island, some of them even got tiny homes, for those preferring saltiness and fishiness.

For me… always, it is a huge part of me pictured in the Universe.


Even though it is so no humans only nature thing, still…

I need trees.

I can not live without them.

Can not.

This is why I so love the Swedish coast.

It has everything.

Rocks, ancient bits and trees…

So maybe I do need a lot. All those trees, wilderness, moose, waves… maybe I do need a lot?


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