Okay, welcome to one of the most popular sites in Sweden. Though a bit worn out… as I recon. For me it is another spot which made my heart wobble. Truly. Amazing, weird, more amazing or weird. About over 1300 … Continue reading


Fjällbacka last summer… More like end of summer… Emptiness, zombieland… though still wilderness. Amazing wilderness and first day, which welcomed us with a sunset. And wind. And weird thing by the coast… sauna? And I though it was captain’s Nemo … Continue reading


Sometimes “Sometimes I am not a woman scientist witch pagan not believing soul forgotten whore beloved one maybe impossible possible though true and a lie wife blogger writer too much reader listener beginner the end and the start trophy and … Continue reading

I do

I don’t need much… To be honest, I really do not. Books, tea, peace and quiet, emptiness, good sleep, fresh water, food which does not make me sick… And emptiness. Places which are more like me… Ends of the worlds. … Continue reading


I mean… … maybe it was not a perfect, rich field of sunflowers, but still… My first. At least since I remember… Field, warm weather… for some it is magic… For me it was like another planet. Something to work … Continue reading


To be honest, especially on those ferry boats or tourists cruisers I think… there is a lot of loneliness… Really a lot. I mean, looking at those majestic, huge boats, I somehow feel only this… loneliness. Trying to escape and … Continue reading