In the forest

And when I am there…

“I am never alone.
I see this what is unseen for many
and feel what is so untouchable
and breath, finally normally
and can spread my wings, and clean them up
and of course my tail
and hoofs…
and horns, them especially.
And I am myself.
And when someone sees me,
will notice only a weird, talking to herself,
short female with a bear
with a crow above the trees
a woman hiding, because she does not want to talk
to this what is
What always is
never understands
never opens up.
But when they do not notice me,
my wings spread more and I
am dancing between the trees.
Dancing, because only I know the steps.
Only I…
In the forest.
It is true me, when I leave that dark path
you will see my messy hair,
maybe a pine cone in my hands
maybe a branch, feather
or most probably…
In the forest…” Ch. J.

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