New bits… and pirates.

What is holy?

What is not? A man with hair never been cut, a fat pastor, priest, huge car etc… to be honest, what is holy…

For me, weird things. Places where vibes are sympathetic.

Or maybe a house…

Or a plant, pieces of branch, a stone…

Found bit of nobody knows what it is… but I want it. For me it can be everything. And books, and standing stones and archeology… yeah, it is holy for me.


Or maybe for me HOLY means totally something different.

Maybe he knew what holy is?

A sculpture of…

Well… pirate.

The true one. Fritiof Nilsson Piraten (“the Pirate”)… a very charismatic being from Nils Fritiof Adam Nilsson books… a lawyer who preferred to write books. Imagine this… but this is how the sea, the holiest of the holy… changes people.

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