Dear 2020!

I do not hate you.

Truly… in fact, yeah there were struggles, though much calmer than in 2019 which is still for me one of worst years of my life. Truly. And we bought home that year, sooo… yeah, it depends. Everything depends…


This year was surprising, brought pain and disappointments though not so much as 2019. We were in a new home, still discovering the sound and aromas, having first winter and spring… and yes, it was scary, everything, I was closed home through summer, scared of amount of humans – tourists around, though still… we had a garden to transform, though me lacking money made it… well, only a little. I still have a lot to do. To dream about to want… because I decided to want this year and to be a bitch. 2020 taught me that. I got to be more bitchy…

For myself, so thanks 2020.

I also have been to places… yeah, we managed to do that because we do not go to pubs, restaurants and concerts, we do woods! Wilderness and closed beaches, rocks and flowers, everything around…

Everything not crowded.

I do not understand people needing crowds… except thieves. Yeah, they need crowds. And killers and… horror movies are so cool! LOL

I will show you my summer 2020 soon.

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