Malmö 3

I am thinking about the past…

… a day I was reading “The Handmaid’s Tale”

And I was too young for that book, truly.

Maybe also too old for those my age.

And now I am watching, at least trying to watch the series and… I am scared, shocked, I am crying loud…

Because we have it.

Denmark is trying to fight with suddenly discovered gender no equality…

Guys hate women… women hate women…

To be honest everyone hates each other… and everyone is scared.

I am not living on a remote, cut off from the world island.

And yes I am scared to go out.

How crazy does it sound?

… how crazy?

There used to be the time…

What has happened?

Tell me?

Because here you can not blame religion!


So why so much hate?

In such sophisticated and civilized countries… Scandinavia?


2021… I am already afraid of you!!!

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