Blame time…

People say time heals

… they also say time will change. Well, nothing will work if we stay blind and dumb. We we will not change…

Time is just a fucking meter.

Clocks, watches, from dusk til down and repeat.

Do not blame time, do not wait for time… do what you want to be done now. Do what you want to see now. If you are tired and off, do nothing. It is not a wasted time… wasted time is pushing too much.

Too hard…

Against of yourself.

And times… yes, they are rough and tough. They suck in fact. Suck so badly sometimes but for a lot of people 2020 was a good year, for a lot it was not bad one. Do you know why? Because most of us struggle everyday, so another bit, hit, brick, stone… it is just another trigger. The hell is all year round.

Usually every year.

For many of us it was just another year.

And many have no hopes for 2021. It is just a number, pressure of time… maybe we do not have time, maybe our time has ended, maybe this what I wrote is sad and kicking hard but… this is the truth.

And truth sucks.

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