It is done, right?

After Jul.

Come on, 2020 is ending and people are like, it will be better, new year etc…

And I am depressingly not seeing it.

Nope. Not even a sparkle of hope in me.


It sucks, though, maybe living without hope is also a living?


To be honest… I still did not got over photos of this year… not that it was so interesting, though… maybe it was?

Maybe there is something we do not notice?


PS. I want that lamp. LOL

And the sign.

And maybe a wall… look how cool it is. In fact it was one of the shops here in Gudhjem. They redo the old house and changed the walls into this arty fart piece. Oh my, Instagramer dream!!!

Come on, look at it.

And the light.

Fuck the changing year, we are breathing, so we are going. Kick those joyful people and just stick to your gloominess.

It is okay!!!

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