Autism and other jazzy feelings…


I heard there is a singer who created a movie. She is smart but also lived through a lot. And is talking about autism through a girl – actress – who does not have it. And you know what… what the fact is wrong with you all?

The backlash?

As a human being with autism, YAY me, right, like there was a prize for it.

As a human with depression… clinical, anxiety, Tourett in small power and schizophrenia, I can tell ya, I do not want you all to feel as I feel. And the fuck, not wanna… yeah, exactly, how a person with autism can pay autism. Act it… we mostly prefer be alone no people etc. We have our worlds…

… and every one of us is different.

Putting us in one drawer is a mistake.

We can bite, truly… oh, at least I can…

I just do not get this hate for everything. Do not get this opinions which suddenly everyone has. I mean… before even the movie, book, etc… was publish. Oh my, all those who never read a book know the most about it. You know… and there comes that “equality” phrase… We are not equal.


I am aware that people do not care about me. And to be honest, I learn to not care about them too. I learn to care FINALLY about myself.


To just more look for myself. What I like, threw away pieces I hate, though others claim different, destroy pieces, glue them… glue myself… You know, it is like The Crown. The series. I hope to watch it one day. But for now I know one think… Humans are dumb!!! How can you treat a movie as a documentary? I mean… all that hate towards people and past you all in fact do not care about.

Hate… fav fun recently, right?

Sooo… let the actors be actors. Let the fun be fun.

Let the tasty be tasty what is tasty for everyone. Some prefer sweet, some bitter… weirdos. LOL None of us is the same. Protect the unique!!!

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