Happy Anniversary!!!

There are special days in every life…

But somehow I prefer to make more of them special. And in fact not only cover myself in memories.

I wanna look further…

For the better to come.

The past is the past. It taught us a lot, it was painful, it was joyful… But I want more. I don’t wanna be stuck in old except archeoology. So much more can happen, good more, exciting more… I want it… I’m waiting.

I hate dates.


Except 6.

Clocks and watches scare me sooo… Not every date is so special, but gifts are welcomed. Just… Memories. We know something was special years after. Pushing too much to be joyful and happy exactly this day of every year is for me exhausting.

What if I’m really unhappy today?

Is it a worst anniversary? Nope. It’s just a bad day… I’m not a robot, will not be happy because of calendars or numbers, unless you wanna be my sponsor, so PayPal is on my page LOL 

… and… I hate parties. I wanna trees and waves and the sky…

Sorry people.

Sooo do not ask me how do I party because of my anniversary. I do not… I will party the day I wanna party and for sure it will not be wobbly juice and cakes. I prefer different fun. I prefer… I am just not a party popper. LOL

Happy Anniversary!!! <3

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