And more… red

Someone asked my why, and what for, and how is it…

To be me.

A person for hours watching the sea but still soo unpatient… when it comes to humans.

I do not know. Because I am unaware how it is to be you.

I do not know how it is to be… well, normal. See the world as a tribe of humans. For me you all are, only sometimes interesting. Only sometimes useful, mostly dangerous, evil, always hurting…

Do you feel weird with this?

Are you not comfy now?

Especially when I say, people mean pain.

Because this is how I feel when you ask me if I am weird… or treat me like a retard. Because yes, you do. Somehow you feel that I am one of those which are so easy to be hurt. So easy.

Yes, I am a genius.

It does not mean I can count like a computer because genius does not mean only mathematical skills… does not mean only technique. See… it is hard to describe how it is, that I KNOW… that things in my brain are a perfect puzzle and pieces together change every day.



To be honest there is no definition to describe me.

I am OOAK. You probably too, if you only try, if you are brave enough to not follow others, to think by yourself.

Are you?

Because I do know it is easier to just follow the crowd.

I tried it, created such experiment as a teenager. It was awful like… loosing the most important thing…


And humans…

Well, they were disappointing.


Sooo… now, when you are sure, that I am closer to a crazy hermit, standing on a stone, dancing naked… how do you feel about it?

Come on…

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