Oh my… I hate clubs… like people of the same gender, color or way of thinking gathering together and talking how miserable they are… nope, not for me. No association, no party, not a fan of some brand… to be … Continue reading

The red

I check this red every year… All I need is a wind and what it brings with waves… I need this unevenness… I need dirty, messy pieces… I need not calming shades and shapes but something more. Something people would … Continue reading


Well… Okay, I will say it, you can laugh… I listen to YouTube videos about dramas… you know, those beauty dramas. Yeah, I know. I am the worst, but truly, how the heck makeup became such a high point? I … Continue reading


Runes, ogham, pictograms… Messaged from the past. Linear B… To be honest we are still discovering those little messages from the past, drawings, amazing pictures… Again and again thanks to the technique we are finding out what they wanted to … Continue reading


I mean… yeah, this year runs fast… Soooo fast. And to be honest, it keeps us busy. Yeah, maybe closed, but still busy. It brings and brings and throws and hits and… And I mean… REALLY? WTF? Half a year … Continue reading


I have decided to be friends with my mind what in fact includes being friends with Sir Depression, Madame Anxiety, Tribe of Fears, Holy Weirdness… and Mystical Magical Something S. I decided to be friends with my head and weird … Continue reading

In the woods

In the woods you can find not only yourself, peace and quiet, bunch of inspirations… But also those amazing shapes. Shadows, which can change you into truly you. Spikes which may be softer than you think… And fern, which is … Continue reading


I was always wondering… even when I was not sure that it was even a question… I was always trying to get it… Why people need another people. Big, huge amounts of them… like on concerts, crowds… touching… being together. … Continue reading

I prefer…

I prefer the woods and the past… I prefer the stones and stories whispered by them and leaves and branches… This what was, maybe forgotten, maybe in fact those trees are young souls, but through the roots, they somehow know … Continue reading