Come with me 2

Come with me… smell the air.

It is maybe chilly and windy but that freshness of the sea…

Can you smell it? Okay, not this… yes, those are prints of cow feet.

Can you feel the saltiness?

Not the ruins, come on… they are here, still standing… okay, we will visit them again later… not today.

Not so important. LOL Not for now…

Not today. Because today belongs to this tree and waves.

Amazing tree… one and only.

And the waves.

Hold on!!!

And breath.

It smells so amazing.

So fresh.

Soooo… like freedom.

True one.

Just freedom.

Stand here with me longer. Nothing matters now, for a moment… only the waves… and rocky beach. Only this loneliness which is so freeing. Because here, with those waves you are not lonely, you are just important as you are and nature really let you be who you are… truly. And of course…


Loneliness, away from humans, is so good…

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