Come with me

Come on, come with me!

We will go for a walk into early springy woodlands.

When branches are still naked and shapes and structures of the bark and wood are just breathtaking.

And those mirrors… in which you should not look too long… or maybe we all should? Maybe living behind the glass…

Maybe it could be better? Because this world hurts me…

Is such pain in fact… only the woods somehow are normal.

Still full of spirits, whispers, Sleeping Gods, nymphs and beings which do not want you to know their names…

Because not everyone of them wants to be discovered. Known… even worshiped. Though, they love chocolate.

Bring some, leave a bit on a stone…

Maybe they will be happier than… you.

Maybe this happiness will let you somehow lift your own spirit?

But beware of those living in the woods… bit more present sometimes.

Yes, here cows just play in the woods. Sheep and goats too.

Though they prefer rocks.

Look at this beauty.


Like huge doggies.

So cute… t.b.c.

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