Come with me 3

We are not done. Not at all. Because here everything is so fascinating. Every branch, piece of bark, last year leaves… And those shapes… claws… Or a piece from this one not produced “Alien” movie… look at those teeth! Or … Continue reading

Come with me

Come on, come with me! We will go for a walk into early springy woodlands. When branches are still naked and shapes and structures of the bark and wood are just breathtaking. And those mirrors… in which you should not … Continue reading

In and out

Sometimes it is better not to look to deep. To look behind yourself, windows, opened door, so inviting… Sometimes it is better to leave. And not be too curious… Not to follow the most famous excuse in science… “Because it … Continue reading


And… Yeah, more details, more colors, more… see, knew there were two artists! Would I prefer it to be more symbolic? Nope… this piece, for me too… well, known. Really. The rest, I think perfect for tourists. Great wall for … Continue reading


I am tired… Tired of people talking. Tired of those who are too often silent… Tired of being right… Tired of the history repeating. Tired of people following whores and calling them saint, murders become martyrs, dumb asses being the … Continue reading


History is that weird thing which we all should learn and not repeat but… What as humanity we do… We repeat the mistakes and do not learn. We? YOU! Am I smarter than the whole Universe? Of course not… but … Continue reading