Every time

What do you do always? What you need every time? What is such an essential of your life? And nope, I am not asking about BIG THINGS, IDEAS, ILLUSIONS… Nope, not at all. I am asking about little things. Maybe … Continue reading


Soooo… I closed my shop here. If you want to buy my art you got to go to Facebook, and check what is available. No worries, payment as always via paypal. Prices include shipping. Easy peasy. When it comes to … Continue reading


Structures, reflections, light, lack of light. Colors, shapes, shadows… Reflections… This what you can see, feel, smell… What runs quickly, what stays… What is somewhere, where you can not reach and… What you do not want to break. Stopped. Not … Continue reading

Paint me

And if there were no other colors… … if you could paint the world? Would the sky be blue? And some leaves still green? Would you change everything? Or maybe… or maybe you would create your own palette for this … Continue reading