I am

I am too far from everything recently.

Somehow I do not want to be here and now… really be.

I am desperately trying to find a place in my head which I haven’t visited in a while. Or maybe there is still something to discover and… hide there. Create again another dream, another world, which in fact has some inspirations from this world, though… changes which I am introducing to it… can be shocking.

Yes, it is again a talk about inspirations and you…

You who can dream out everything.

In your head there are spots which can surprise you and… they are only for you. You and only you. It sounds selfish maybe, maybe it does sound like it, still… why not to be selfish in your own head? Find a quiet place or go into the woodlands. They can help you do a little research on yourself.

In your head.

They really can!

And this what you will find, create, will be only for you. And none can take it from you, ever… except yourself by deciding… not to dream. Not to use imagination, not to be sometimes… even more yourself.

Even more…

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