More trees

How is it?

I mean really…

Is it in some people’s DNA… is it our ancestors leftovers?

Or maybe just a coincidence? Though I do not believe in coincidences.


Not at all.

There got to be something more.

In some of us.

Because… some of us love trees obviously. And some are obsessed. Feel much better in the wilderness than in so called civilization.


And find pieces, bits and bobs which are breathtaking, because… nature is. And they are. And everything, every piece of the woods, forests, wilderness… everything, if a human being did not managed to destroy or change it…

Is everything.

Is such a joy.


Head of a stoned dragon… can be found here.

Oh come on, tell me you do not see a huge lizard’s head here. LOL


To be honest, I know wilderness bites and can be scary, but for me less scary than bank… or politicians!

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