It was still winter, when I met this piece.

Still dark, but also warm, weird, omening something…

What later happened, but… I am not about it. I am here to show you how everything difference when it is black and white and grey… and when it is full of colors.. How colors change sometimes even our way of thinking.

But in those woods is something more.

It is one of those places which are left alone… to be themselves.

So… no cutting.

Just winds… naturally.

Of course it is a huge experiment, lie everything here, so new, so… oh come on… we need wilderness. Untouched. Hugging us…

All those creations, shapes and mystery shadows touching places which are visible only in a corner of your eye… so refreshing.

So free.

We need freedom… Freedom for the woods!!!

Let them brake, grow, sing their own songs and create new tales!

We need them!!!

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