I love trees.


I cry when people cut them, and I feel the best when I can plant or buy more.

If you want to give me something, buy books, trees and silver…

I am that simple.

I can get crazy about a pine tree in a garden shop.

Recently even an olive one caught my eye.

But the most amazing feeling is when you grow a tree from a seed… as a kid I was one of those planting, now woods. Yeah, we used to do it in school. You know, no lessons, just a trip into wilderness.


We were also working on the field… communism.

But trees… I mean, how can you be against them?

I mean… they are us. Or maybe we are those relatives which are not often invited to the parties only because, we do not get the signals?

Or just…

Are too noisy and weird.


In the woods, I fell at home.

Somehow in all of them!

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